Oriental Porcelain Pot Lid

Ficha 683 - Tampa porcelana orientalConservation Status: Numerous fractures; Aged and poorly executed bonding with saliente glue; Edges degradation and absence of ceramic paste; Impregnated dirt in the whole surface.

Intervention: Previous intervention removal; Cleaning; Fragments Bonding; Filling with epoxy resin, inert charges and inorganic pigments; Protective finish by performing a intervention of museological character.

Earthenware sculpture from XVIII century – Fábrica do Rato- Lisbon

Escultura Fab RatoConservation status: Numerous fractures; Edges abrasion, absence of ceramic paste and decorative elements; Dirt impregnated on surface and edges; Existence of biological contamination and inert material aggregated to fragments.

Intervention: Removal of biological contamination followed by preventive treatment application; Cleaning and removal of inert material aggregated to fragments; Consolidation; Bonding; Filling; Chromatic reintegration; Protective finish.