Porcelain Bowl from Ming Dynasty – The National Museum, Sultanate of Oman

Taça Porcelana OmanConservation status: Previous intervention with poorly executed bonding with saliente glue and misplaced fragments; Ceramic elements united with two copper repair pins extremely oxidized; Several fractures; Absence of ceramic material; Impregnated dirt in the gaps edges and object surface.

Intervention: Previous intervention elements removal; Cleaning; Bonding; Filling; Leveling fills; Chromatic reintegration; Protective Finish.

Glazed Islamic Jar

Glazed Jar

Conservation Status: Previous intervention badly executed, with inappropriate adhesives and filling material, causing more fractures to the object; Numerous fractures; Deterioration of edges; Absence of ceramic paste; Aged and saliente glue; Accumulated dust in the whole surface and edges.

Intervention: Previous intervention removal; Cleaning and removal of glue traces from edges; Consolidation; Bonding; Filling; Chromatic reintegration; Protective Finish.