Porcelain vase with naturalist decoration

Conservation Status: Numerous Fractures at the edge; Gaps with absence of ceramic paste and edge abrasion; Dirt impregnated on the entire surface.

Intervention: Cleaning; Bonding; Filling with epoxy resin and inorganic pigment; Chromatic reintegration with airbrush; Protective finish.

Jug with plate and lid in glazed faience. M. Mafra – Caldas/Portugal

Conservation Status: Numerous fractures; Edges degradation, absence of ceramic paste and decorative elements; Previous restoration with aged and deteriorating glue; Heavy dirt impregnated on edges and surface;

Intervention: Removal of traces from the previous intervention; Cleaning; Consolidation; Filling and recreating non-existent elements; Chromatic reintegration; Protective finish.

Sculpture of male figure in painted plaster

Conservation status: Fractured at the level of the most prominent elements, with total absence of one of the arms of the figure; Edges abrasion and absence of ceramic paste; Impregnated dirt across the surface.

Intervention: Cleaning; Consolidation; Bonding; Development of the non-existent element; Filling; Chromatic reintegration; Protective Finish.

Hand painted faience lamp

Conservation Status: Numerous fractures; Edges abrasion; Gaps with absence of ceramic paste; Dirt impregnated on the edges and surface.

Intervention: Cleaning; Consolidation; Fragments bonding; Filling; Chromatic reintegration; Protective finish.

Japanese porcelain sculpture from 18th century, belonging to a group of three monkeys, Mizaru, Kikazaru and Iwazaru: the one that does not see, the one that does not hear and the one that does not speak.

Macaco Porcelana Oriental 708Conservation Status: Numerous Fractures; Absence of ceramic paste and strong weathering of the edges; Impregnated dirt over the entire surface.

Intervention: Cleaning; Fragments bonding; Color filling with epoxy resin, inert fillers and inorganic pigments; Leveling of fills; Chromatic reintegration; Protective finish.

Conservation of a ceramic tile panel from 1927 – Fábrica Aleluia, Aveiro, Portugal.

Azulejos Aleluia 2020Removal of mortars and cleaning of the tile backside; Glaze cleaning; Gaps consolidation; Gaps filling and chromatic reintegration; Filling of larger gaps with tile replicas; Protective finish.