Sculpture of male figure in painted plaster

Conservation status: Fractured at the level of the most prominent elements, with total absence of one of the arms of the figure; Edges abrasion and absence of ceramic paste; Impregnated dirt across the surface.

Intervention: Cleaning; Consolidation; Bonding; Development of the non-existent element; Filling; Chromatic reintegration; Protective Finish.

Oriental Porcelain Pot Lid

Ficha 683 - Tampa porcelana orientalConservation Status: Numerous fractures; Aged and poorly executed bonding with saliente glue; Edges degradation and absence of ceramic paste; Impregnated dirt in the whole surface.

Intervention: Previous intervention removal; Cleaning; Fragments Bonding; Filling with epoxy resin, inert charges and inorganic pigments; Protective finish by performing a intervention of museological character.

Persian glazed ceramic vessel – The National Museum, Sultanate of Oman

Persian Vase NMOConservation status: Impregnated dirt and calcareous concretions in the glazed surface; Detached glazed in progress and loss of glaze in some areas;

Intervention: Dirt and concretions removal; Surface cleaning; Consolidation; Glaze gap filling and levelling; Chromatic reintegration of fill; Protective Finish.

Porcelain Bowl from Ming Dynasty – The National Museum, Sultanate of Oman

Taça Porcelana OmanConservation status: Previous intervention with poorly executed bonding with saliente glue and misplaced fragments; Ceramic elements united with two copper repair pins extremely oxidized; Several fractures; Absence of ceramic material; Impregnated dirt in the gaps edges and object surface.

Intervention: Previous intervention elements removal; Cleaning; Bonding; Filling; Leveling fills; Chromatic reintegration; Protective Finish.

Ceramic Elephant Plant Stand/side table

elefante bancoConservation status: Numerous fractures; Edges abrasion, absence of ceramic paste and decorative elements; Dirt impregnated on surface and edges.

Intervention: Cleaning; Consolidation; Bonding; Filling; Chromatic reintegration; Protective finish.

Bronze-mounted Sevres-style Cobalt Blue Porcelain Urn

Anfora 542Conservation Status: Previous intervention with traces of aged glue and misplaced fragments; Numerous fractures of different sizes; Gaps with considerable lack of ceramic paste and gold decoration; Dirt impregnated in the edges and on the object surface.

Intervention: Removal of previous bonding; Cleaning; Bonding; Filling with epoxy resin and inorganic pigments; Fillings levelling; Chromatic reintegration with airbrush and gold decoration retouch; Protective finish.




Box with a male figure in glazed faience. António Alves Cunha – Caldas/Portugal

Antes e depoisConservation status: Extremely degraded object due to contamination with soluble salts; Fractured in numerous elements of different dimensions; Flaking of glazed surface, powderiness and loss of ceramic paste; Impregnated dirt on the surface; Previous restoration with ageing and poorly executed bonding in the cover.

Intervention: Desalination; Previous restoration removal; Cleaning; Consolidation; Bonding; Volumetric filling; Chromatic reintegration; Protective finish.