Oriental Porcelain Pot Lid

Ficha 683 - Tampa porcelana orientalConservation Status: Numerous fractures; Aged and poorly executed bonding with saliente glue; Edges degradation and absence of ceramic paste; Impregnated dirt in the whole surface.

Intervention: Previous intervention removal; Cleaning; Fragments Bonding; Filling with epoxy resin, inert charges and inorganic pigments; Protective finish by performing a intervention of museological character.

Conservation Intervention of a Majolica Stove from XVI century belonging to Salzburg Museum

Majolica Stove fragment 36Conservation status: Previous intervention presenting excessive and aged repainting, as well as inappropriate fillers, without complying with the original aesthetic program according to fragment later discovered, whose replacement in the object was not possible; Dirt impregnated throughout the surface.

Intervention: Removal of excess fillers and repainting; Cleaning; Edge consolidation; Fill; Fill leveling; Chromatic reintegration allowing the identification of the new intervention; Protective finish.